Hydraulic Dishing Press PPM

Second-hand Hydraulic Dishing Press model PPM with a pressing power of 150 metric tonnes. The machine has been manufactured by Faccin in 2001 and it has an automatic working cycle.

Pressing power: 150 metric tonnes
Distance between the uprights: 2.500 mm
Fix lower die holder: 900×900 mm
Mobile upper die holder 750×450 mm
Cylinder stroke: 800 mm
Quick forward speed: 8 m/min
Compression speed:  1000 mm/min
Quick return speed:  8 m/min
Power consumption: 18 HP
Manufacturer: FACCIN
Manufacturing year: 2001

  • Automatic working cycle
  • Lower die holder with grooves to fix the dies
  • Upper die holder on working cylinder
  • Preparation for automatic manipulator to be fitted later