BIKO: Made in Italy, Quality, Style and Customer Care.

For over 20 years BIKO has been synonymous with quality.

The BIKO line of bending rolls, introduced 20 years ago, rapidly became the choice for hundreds of manufacturers producing Boilers, Heat Exchangers, Tanks, Silos, Wind Towers, Heating and Ventilation Equipment. The long list of satisfied customers is the best guarantee for the machine performance and reliability.


BIKO rolls are meticulously designed using modern 3D-CAD systems; they are built using state-of the-art production technologies. The result is a range of machinery that is strong, highly productive, reliable, and simple to operate.

Company policy

Company policy is oriented to customer care since the initial stage of the evaluation of investment as years of experience in the field make of BIKO the preferred consultant for any investment in plates and profiles rolling equipment.

New place

As a consequence of the success of the BIKO bending rolls line, in 2008 the production of this well engineered range has moved into our new purpose built manufacturing facility, in Northern, Italy where all components of the machines are made. This move has resulted in increasing the number of machines available per year and reduced delivery times for a target market of customers requiring a more cost effective method for rolling.

Team of specialists

The BIKO commitments towards customers is highlighted by the quality levels of the after sales services. A skilled team of engineers with modern communication tools and software are always available to assist the bending rolls operator in solving any problem immediately and efficiently.

A team of expert technicians using modern communication software systems is always a help to help the user solve any problem quickly and efficiently.

Where we are

Our facilities are located in the beautiful region of the Garda Lake in the Centre-North of Italy within easy access from both Verona and Brescia airports. Why not take the opportunity to visit BIKO to understand why we are the preferred choice for bending rolls.